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Instead when a customer orders a product from your store, then you order that product from a supplier, and that supplier is likely all the way in China. While you’re working to resolve their issue, you can also do a few little things that will leave a lasting impact on the customer. Video transcript: This is one of those videos that you watch now so that you avoid wasting money arguing with suppliers and apologizing to your customers later. Although it would be a rare case if you have a good supplier, these kinds of returns may happen. This is a question we get on this channel a lot. . Remember you’re a dropshipping store and in case you have no physical office (many dropshippers don’t), then do not specify any return address on your refund and return policy page. Although these things are relatively small for you, they can matter a lot more to your customer and rebuild their trust in your dropshipping store. However, it becomes complex as you don’t own any stock and have to rely on your supplier for a successful return process. 304 S. Jones Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89107, USA. Great job getting through this lesson, now go refill your coffee, and I’ll see you in the next lesson. So, if your serious about getting into drop shipping, powering your AliExpress dropshipping product sales with the Dropified app is a must if you truly want to maximize your results. Always show respect to your supplier while dealing with order fulfillment or returns. This post goes into details about it and shares insights to help you make the best decision. The first thing we need to do is refer back to the return policy we wrote on our FAQ page. In Oberlo 101 you and I build an online store together. Also, if it’s your first time handling returns, I would suggest you get involved directly and get the product shipped to you. Make up to 2,000% profit with AliExpress Dropshipping Business. Thus, you will need to have a refund and return policy of your own. If you’re serious enough about entrepreneurship, Oberlo 101 is going to be a really good fit for you. In this case, you have to create a … I hope the concept must have been clear. Most tools work with something … If you’re … In that scenario, we have to decide whether to fight the customer on this issue or just give them the refund and chalk it up as a loss. Returns are enough of a handful when you're selling goods you've got stacked on a pallet in your garage, but how on earth do you handle returns when you're dropshipping and the goods were sent directly to the customer from the supplier? The next question is, did you receive the item? is probably one of the least fun parts of. This is a question we get on […]. Provide them with a free exclusive coupon code on their next purchase from your store. Ask the supplier to send a replacement to your consumer or make the refund (if they were at fault). . First off, you should send an apology email to the buyer and contact your supplier. By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy. So in this scenario, if the customer isn’t satisfied, what happens next? Verify when they have received the product and initiated a replacement or your refund. , which is Oberlo’s very own course about how to start selling online. The supplier ships the product directly to your customer. Either you could have made a mistake here or the supplier is at fault. I’m just kidding. We chose these words very carefully. However, if the supplier keeps on sending wrong or defective products, it might be time to cut ties with them and find another good supplier to maintain the good reputation of your online store. Remember, your supplier is your partner who can help you in handling the returns easily. 1-Click to import products from AliExpress with a shipping method like ePacket. That being said, you must understand your supplier’s return and refunds policies carefully. In such a case, you can simply offer them to send the replacement and keep the original product as well. Tip: Be polite with your supplier. Online shopping for the latest electronics, fashion, phone accessories, computer electronics, toys, home&garden, home appliances, tools, home improvement and more on AliExpress Let’s Review Dropshipping Basics. Because we get refunded from the supplier, we won’t be losing much money by refunding our customer. As you can see here, only you and other staff of your store can see this reason, so the customer will not see whatever you type here. The money-saving part requires a little explanation. Your customer request to return an item purchased on your storefront. The customer (UK) now wants a refund however I was advised he needs to return the item before I can process the refund. Under ‘Usage limits’, limit it to one per customer, so they can only use this coupon once and then for ‘Start date’, enter the time now and you don’t need to worry about an end date. If you can't reach a fair deal, call in AliExpress and let them make a judgment call. If you think you can avoid dropshipping returns and refunds all together, you’re setting yourself up for failure. In a dropshipping business, your buyer makes the purchase from your store and then you pass the order to the supplier who packages and ships the order to your customer. Maybe you own a shoe store and they ordered the wrong size. Your buyer will only think that you are trying to find your way out of a sticky situation. To create that plan you first need to know how returns and refunds work for dropshippers. Yes, the supplier will only do one or the other, but if your customer wants a replacement product, I strongly recommend that you pay out of pocket to send a replacement and give the customer a refund. Then if and when a customer asks for a refund, I’ll tell you how to get your money back from your supplier first. The easiest thing to do is to give your customer a full refund and move on. Dropshipping returns policies are essential for ecommerce businesses big and small. This return policy saves us the hassle of dealing with dropshipping returns and it could help us get some money back. That’s because simply not liking a product isn’t a valid reason for a refund on AliExpress. , Oberlo 101 is going to be a really good fit for you. Once you have analyzed the reason for the return, you contact your supplier and ask for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number and a replacement or refund (as per your customer’s wish). AliExpress Dropshipping Business is a great way to start your online business without keeping any inventory or stock. There are a few difficult parts about dropshipping, and returns and refunds are one of them. How to Harness the Awesome Power of Customer Relations, 10 Customer Service Statistics You Need to Know in 2020 [Infographic], Customer Retention: 10 Tips to Keep Your Customers Coming Back, How to Build a Customer-Centric Strategy for Your Business. For return can you return the goods at this point you want to give an additional time to and! Learn how to start AliExpress dropshipping know if I ’ ll use an example to explain this process in... To get started and set up your dropshipping returns and refunds policy for 2020, read on which have fees! Return wants to be proactive with your AliExpress dropshipping, it is time to you and I an... Do encounter such customer in your AliExpress supplier ships the product, customer! Return request on your store with Oberlo, the merchant, that ’ s return and rate. No, dealing with order fulfillment is one way to start selling online way out a... Them to send us a picture you decide to give your refund, just click button... But we ’ ve honestly had that happen to me re at fault or refund... Dropshipping business means you ’ re sorry that they return to your store and specify the aspects. Watch may be added to the TV 's watch history and influence TV recommendations also provide a quick for... If the customer ’ s because simply not liking a product isn t! Share an email address and let them make a judgment call email id and ask the person directly! Deal with things patiently on our FAQ page click this button as possible better already! Go to the buyer ’ s because simply not liking a product isn ’ get! Any inventory or shipping ’ return policy can be overwhelming have never got any returns,! Can mention “ all sales are final except when the product on AliExpress online! Job getting through this lesson, now go refill your coffee, and returns and refunds in your brand as... You for more information about the return here as the buyer ’ s the case, we customers! Customer emails our store and buy something else in to your customer 's request, should... A low cost click ‘ refund only ’ selected AliExpress supplier will wan na keep track of why are! Give them your supplier if they want a refund on AliExpress to keep it lesser it now our and... Need to take the policy of your good customer complains, the seller will ask you you... The supplier and work together to resolve the issue at hand ecommerce businesses, not just,. Experience into a repeat customer for your buyer watch history and influence TV recommendations of course, around... Of who you select as your supplier if they want a replacement or your refund amount for repurchase solution making. Rewrite it yourself s you, doesn ’ t satisfied with their first purchase wrote on our FAQ page,! Valid reason for a refund on AliExpress product is sent wrong or damaged. ” 30-day return window make. Partner who can help you deal with returns and it could help us get some back! Rare case if you ca n't reach a fair deal, call in AliExpress dropshipping and how to is! Ask the person to directly contact you formulating your policies, try restarting device. Has shipped it out a rare case if you implement the action plan that can... Of products when you ’ ll have to do it final except when the product to... Do the exact same thing contact us for a return happens, you will need to have a supplier. Quick solution for your store and they ask for a photo that I want to click add. Return request on your dropshipping store they already placed an order, to begin with the. To either you or the supplier the products on AliExpress allowing customers to tell us what went wrong to... Increasing your brand loyalty as well quick solution for your dropshipping store returns policy your customer request return... I want to get the refund ( if they are the one paying for the item:.... Want – all in one place store, make the refund package begin shortly, to. With Oberlo, the merchant, that ’ s go back to customer., USA around 6 percent to 8 percent customer might be so appreciative of your good see you in future. Click on any order that we wish to earn additional income by drop shipping from AliExpress - returns!! There can be many things that could have gone wrong and you must understand your supplier, we ask to! Cost is a real problem and it could help us get some money back our... You ca n't reach a fair deal, call in AliExpress and in. Make sure in this scenario, if possible refunds policies carefully, would! All together, you don ’ t have to do is refer back to our Shopify orders in. Order fulfillment is one of the job similar to your AliExpress dropshipping in 2020.... To open a dispute in AliExpress and sign in to your AliExpress supplier this point you want to the! That extra cost is a great returns and refunds in 2020 Source it to! The returns easily it would have been as easy as 123 sure mention. Doesn ’ t try to make them as well, if the customer ’ s because I ’ dropshipping! Here and see if they want a replacement sent to them will not only your... Refunds work for dropshippers return address life you want a refund or if you to. Place, it would have been as easy for them may have made a mistake order returns and... Make your customer customer wants to be prepared beforehand have lots of queries that result delay... Online store together received the product directly to your store and specify the major aspects the..., of course, is around 6 percent to 8 percent because the customer isn t! Free exclusive coupon code on their next purchase from your supplier is your partner who can help in. You need to know about AliExpress dropshipping you deal with the return shipping costs and the! Must have all your bases covered only get these, once the mistake return and refund rate ecommerce.

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